Go for Dog Whistle Training; If your ESA Dog Barks a lot

Emotional support animals are a great source of combating your disability, ESA dogs help in relieving the symptoms and calming a person down. An emotional support animal does not qualify as a pet or a service animal, they are not to perform any task but only help their owners fight the disorder. Because emotional support animals are helping their owners in medical conditions different laws are governing them, emotional support animals can go to places no other pet can go, they can fly with their owners, stay in an apartment with them even if the building is no pet zone, according to U.S. laws no landlord can stop anyone from keeping an emotional support animal.
Any animal that provides comfort to its owner is technically an emotional support animal, but for legal purposes, it is necessary to get an ESA Letter that declares that animal as support.

1) Anxiety, if the dog is left home alone or in the car for long periods, it can trigger anxiety resulting in barking.
2) Agitated dogs bark, outside noises are a common factor for making dogs bark, so owners should pay attention to see if outside noises are making the dog bark.
3) Boredom, boredom is another reason for dogs to bark. If the dog does not get enough playtime, does not have siblings to play with, and does not have any toys, dogs can get bored too. It is important to provide dogs with enough entertainment for them not to get bored.

There are a few ways to stop dogs from barking, but whistling is by far the best way. Invented by Sir Francis Galton in 1876 the dog whistle was initially made to test human hearing range, but the invention resulted in the discovery dogs can hear high-pitched noises of up to 45 kilohertz compared to 22 kilohertz of humans. This made the dog whistle a great instrument for owners to train their dogs. The biggest advantage of the dog whistle is that it appears completely silent to humans. The advantages of using dog-whistle are

1) It is completely silent to humans: if you have a dog that provides you comfort and you are training it to pass ESA training to get an ESA letter for housing, it is a great idea to teach your dog that the sound of a whistle means the use of negative reinforcement, once the dog knows what the sound means use it whenever dog barks, the major advantage is you can train your dog in public places too because the whistle is silent.
2) Unreplaceable: the sound produced by the whistle does not easily get produced in our nature, it means your dog will not be scared of any other sound.
3) Reachability: the sound of a whistle travels a long distance, so even if you are separated from your dog at a mall or any other public place you can use a whistle to find him.

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