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Elephant Parade event in Delft
In collaboration with a shopping mall, De Hoven in Delft, the Netherlands, 20 beautiful elephants will be on display from the 4th of March to 30th of March 2019.

Elephant Parade is committed to raising awareness and funds for the protection and conservation of the Asian elephant.'


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On date Tuesday March 26, 2019 I made detailed pictures of the following fourteen (14) Elephants of Elephant Parade® in the shopping mall, De Hoven in Delft, the Netherlands:

Elephant 1) 4 pics of Psycho Elephant Antropofágico Tropical by Fernando Guimarais
Elephant 2) 3 pics of Rothkophant by Sona Mirzaei
Elephant 3) 8 pics of Original Dutch Wafflephant by Studio Eleven75
Elephant 4) 4 pics of Bayon by Utain Wongjai
Elephant 5) 5 pics of Bollywood Action Hero by Johan Manschot
Elephant 6) 4 pics of Chrysler by Chris Chun
Elephant 7) 7 pics of Homage to Keith Haring by Studio Phantasma
Elephant 8) 4 pics of Beady by David Nguyen
Elephant 9) 8 pics of Dragon & Phoenix by Kesorn Mueanpang
Elephant 10) 8 pics of Elefantes Hoveder by Kristian Devantier
Elephant 11) 19 pics of Holy Cheese! by Esther Springer
Elephant 12) 6 pics of Peeping Blue One by Soju Tanaka
Elephant 13) 7 pics of The Visitor by Emilio Kruithof
Elephant 14) 16 pics of For My Sweet Love (Kiss Me) by Studio Chiang Mai

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===>> More information about this nice photography project with
around 795 pictures of The Elephant parade in the Shopping mall Hoven Delft and the Green Environment action
#STOPWITHPLASTIC of 15 children schools in Delft can be found
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