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On date Tuesday March 26, 2019 I made detailed pictures of the remaining six (6) Elephants of Elephant Parade® in the shopping mall, De Hoven in Delft, the Netherlands:
Elephant 15) 14 pics of From Holland with Love by Studio Phantasma
Elephant 16) 15 pics of 'Noah' by Marina Tonon
Elephant 17) 7 pics of We Love Mosha Global by Diana Francis
Elephant 18) 9 pics of Cowphant by Studio Phantasma
Elephant 19) 21 pics of The Story of Asia by Kamol Tamsriwan
Elephant 20) 39 pics of Alice In Wonderphant by Studio Phantasma

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D: pics of 100NIKON 10 aug 2018/

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===>> More information about this nice photography project with
around 795 pictures of The Elephant parade in the Shopping mall Hoven Delft and the Green Environment action
#STOPWITHPLASTIC of 15 children schools in Delft can be found
on this central deeplink on my own site:
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