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Delft 29 march 2019 / pic= 120

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On Friday March 29th, 2019, around 17:10 in the afternoon, I went to
the Shopping Mall Hoven Delft to make a special series of pictures
of the Elephants, while they were eating some sweet vegetables,
and preparing for war with a real animal's army to fight against the
monstrous and barbaric Humanoid apeman on this planet. This
series of pictures is very special and I learned all tricks of my photo
Camera, Nikon Coolpix A100, as you can see for yourself.

[WART010: Event04:2]
Unluckily, the guards of the Shopping Mall Hoven Delft chased me
away at 19:00 hours and this was sad, because I wanted to make
more special pictures of all these wonderful Elephants parade in
Delft city, where I live now for almost 34 years. I am born in Surinam
as a lower caste, NON WHITE Hindu man and my ancestors came
from India.

Source map:
D: pics of 100NIKON 10 aug 2018/

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===>> More information about this nice photography project with
around 795 pictures of The Elephant parade in the Shopping mall Hoven Delft and the Green Environment action
#STOPWITHPLASTIC of 15 children schools in Delft can be found
on this central deeplink on my own site:
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